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Canopy and Perimeter Lighting


We can shed some light on your event!


Lighting is a key factor in the design and mood of your venue and event. Lighting is no longer an afterthought; some of our clients begin their planning around the lighting design. We offer lighting installations ranging from simple task lighting to our elegant trademark 'Father of the Bride' and many options in between.

Dimmers included in every package.

'Father of the Bride'

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Canopy and Perimeter Lighting

Perimeter Lighting


We are crazy about the details!

And we think you should be too! Whether you choose a simple perimeter lighting effect, glamorous 'Father-of-the-Bride' or a custom designed string lighting installation; you can be assured that the installation will be flawless. We pride ourselves on installation perfection.

Reach out! We’re just an email or phone call away. We would love to chat about how lighting can elevate your event.

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